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On the Other Side: Whitmore Point

I believe it was Squaw Creek that began a recurring dream I have. I used to hike it during the summers I spent as an adolescent at Squaw Valley, California, every time connecting to something that pushes one on to

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One of the reasons I enjoy motorcycling is my view, the lack of a frame, or at least a frame that moves with my head, that of my full face helmet. Behind the wheel of my rig I’m dealing with

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Mother Nature V. Bone Stock

We’re driven in offroad adventuring, it seems, by two forces; the ego, and the land. It’s been my experience that answering the call of the wild is much less expensive. That call should be in the interrogative, questions anyone taking

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Tuweep to Laugh

Tuweep is a place that delivers you proportionately. Big earth, puny human. Like her not-so-distant relative, the North Rim, this more obscure Grand Canyon overlook shuts your mouth and opens your senses and your mind. We were there only eleven

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Cognitive Dissonance and Dirt

I wouldnʼt be happy again until I stabled this pony or I accepted my current financial restrictions and suffered back to the consonance of, and really the gratitude for what dripped a bit of oil on my driveway. Weʼve all

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