Utah Ghost Town Project

Welcome to the Utah Ghost Town Project, hosted by ExpeditionUtah. The Utah Ghost Town Project (UGTP) seeks to preserve, document, photograph, research and share historical ghost towns throughout Utah and its neighboring states. This project is a joint cooperation between several Utah historical based groups jointly working together collectively as the Utah Ghost Town Association (UGTA).

Utah Ghost Town Locations (Alphabetical by most common name):

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Adairville – Kane County
Adventure – Washington County
Ajax (aka Center) – Tooele County
Aldridge – Wayne County
Alta (aka Central City & Galena City) – Salt Lake County
Alunite – Piute County
Angle – Piute County
Antimony (aka Old Antimony) – Garfield County
Aragonite – (aka Hastings Pass) – Tooele County
Arago City (aka South Camp* – Mining Camp) – Beaver County
Argenta (aka Camp Carr) – Salt Lake County
Argyle – (aka Kennedyville) Rich County
Arhur – Salt Lake County
Asay Town (aka Asays) – Garfield County
Atkinville – Washington County
Babylon – Washington County
Bacchus – Salt Lake County
Baker Mine – Box Elder County
Basin – Emery County
Batesville* – (aka Knowlenville) Tooele County
Bauer – Tooele County
Bear River Camp* – Randolph, Rich County
Benmore – Tooele County
Beryl – Iron County
Bingham – Salt Lake County
Bingham’s Fort* – Ogden
Black Mesa Missile Base – San Juan County
Black’s Fork – Summit County
Black Point: Along Lincoln Highway
Black Rock* – Millard County
Bloomington – Washington County
Bluff Fort* – Bluff, San Juan County
Blue Acre – Beaver County
Blue Creek* – Box Elder County
Boltenheim – Piute County
Bonanza – Uintah County
Boston Terrace – Box Elder County
Bradshaw – (aka Cave Mine) – Beaver County
Brigham River* – Sevier County
Bromide Basin – Garfield County
Browns Park (Brown Hole)
Buckhorn (aka Dugway) – Tooele County
Buckhorni Springs – Iron County
Buel City – Box Elder County (listed as “unresearched” in Carr’s guide)
Bullion (aka Campe Homestake & Bullion Canyon) – Iron County
Bullion City – Piute County
Bullionville – Tooele County
Bullionville – Uintah County
Buster City – Cache County
Burbank – Millard County
Cainsville – Wayne County
Call’s Fort* – Brigham City
Callao – Juab County
Camp Battle Creek Settlement
Camp on Bear River
Camp Beaver Creek* – Pleasant Grove, Utah County
Camp Bingham Creek* – Bingham Canyon, Salt Lake County
Camp on Birch Creek* – Unknown Location
Camp Cedar Swamps* – Promontory
Camp Church Buttes* – Great Salt Lake
Camp Clarke* – Sanpete Valley, Sanpete County
Camp Conness* aka Camp Rush Valley – Rush Valley, Tooele County
Camp Crossman* aka Fort Crossman – Nephi, Juab County
Camp at Deep Creek Station* – Ibapah, Tooele County
Camp Defiance* – Weber County
Camp Dodge* – Provo, Utah County
Camp Eastman* – Levan, Juab County
Camp in Echo Canyon* – Echo, Summit County
Camp at Farmington* aka Farmington Stockade – Farmington, Davis County
Camp at Fillmore* – Fillmore, Millard County
Camp Floyd* aka Fort Crittenden aka Fairfield Fort – Fairfield, Utah County
Camp Floyd Pony Express Station
Camp Fountain Green* – Fountain Green, Sanpete County
Camp George* – Ephraim, Sanpete County
Camp at Government Springs* – Unknown Location
Camp on Lolos Creek* – Unknown Location
Camp at Loveland’s* – Unknown Location
Camp Murray* – Murray, Salt Lake County
Camp Pace* – Gunnison, Sanpete County
Camp Parker* – Unknown Location
Camp Paige* – Moroni, Sanpete County
Camp Porter* – Unknown Location
Camp Rawlins aka Fort Rawlins* – Provo, Utah County
Camp Relief* – Webster Junction, Cache County
Camp Sevier* – Sevier, Sevier County
Camp Shunk* – Vernon, Utah County
Camp Timpanagos* – Provo, Utah County
Camp Tyler* – Unknown Location
Canyon Station* – Goshute
Carbonate – Beaver County
Carslisle – San Juan County
Castleton – Emery County
Castle Gate – Carbon County
Castle Rock – Summit County
Castleton – Grand County
Cedar – Emery County
Cedar Creek – Box Elder County
Cedar Fort* – Cedar Fort, Utah County
Cedar View – Duchesne County
Cherry Creek – Juab County
Chloride – Iron County
Cisco* – Grand County
Clarion – San Pete County
Clear Creek – Carbon County
Clear Lake – Millard
Clifton – Tooele County
Clifton – Garfield/Kane County
Clover Flat – Piute County
Coal City (aka Dempsey)* – Carbon County
Colton (aka Pleasant Valley Junction) – Utah County
Columbia – Carbon County
Connellsville* – Emery County
Consumers* – Carbon County
Copperfield – Salt Lake County
Copper Globe – Emery County
Corinne – Box Elder County
Cove Fort aka Charles Willden’s Fort – Millard County
Crafton – (aka Laketown) Millard County
Croyden – Morgan County
Cullen – Beaver County
Dalton – Washington County
Death Canyon
Deep Creek Pony Express Station
Deer Creek – Utah County
Deer Trail Mine – Piute County
Desert Lake – Emery County
Desert Springs – Iron County
Detroit – Millard County
Devil’s Slide – Morgan County
Dewey (aka King Ferry) – Grand County
Dewey’s Camp* – Fairview, Sanpete County
Diamond – Juab County
Dividend – Juab County
Dixie – Washington County
Dover – Sanpete County
Dragerton – Carbon County
Dragon – Juab County
Dragon – Uintah County
Duchesne Strip (aka The Strip) – Dushesne County
Dug Out Pony Express Station
Dugway (Buckhorn) – Tooele County
Dugway Mine
Dugway Pony Express Station
Duncan’s Retreat – Washington County
Dunstein – Tooele County
Dyer – Uintah County
Eagle City – Garfield County
East Canon Pony Express Station
Echo City – Summit County
Echo Canyon Breastworks* – Echo, Summit County
Elephant City* (aka Middle Camp – Mining Camp) – Beaver County
Elgin – Grand County
Emmaville – (aka Granite City) – Salt Lake County
Emery – Emery County
Erekson – Tooele County
Eureka* – Juab County
Eva Mine – Utah County (listed as “unresearched” in Carr’s guide)
Fairfield – (aka Dobietown & Frogtown) Utah County
Fairview Fort* – Fairview, Sanpete County
Farr’s Fort* – Ogden, Weber County
Faust Pony Express Station
Fish Springs – Juab County
Fish Springs Pony Express Station
Forest City (aka Forrest City) – Utah County
Fort Ashley* – Provo, Utah County
Foret Ashley – Uintah County
Fort Bear River* – Bear River City
Fort Berryville* – Glendale, Kane County
Fort Buenaventura* aka Browns Fort & Goodyears Fort – Ogden, Weber County
Fort Buttermilk* – Holden, Millard County
Fort Cameron* aka Camp Beaver, Post of Beaver Canyon, Post near Beaver City – Beaver, Beaver County
Fort Davis* – Brigham City
Fort Deseret* – Fort Deseret, Millard County
Fort Douglas* aka Camp Douglas aka Camp Kent – Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County
Fort Duchesne* – Fort Duchesne
Fort Ephraim* aka Little Fort, Large Fort – Ephraim, Sanpete County
Fort Gunnison* – Gunnison, Sanpete County
Fort Harmony* aka New Fort Harmony – New Harmony, Washington County
Fort Herriman* – Herriman, Salt Lake County
Fort Kanab* – Kanab, Kane County
Fort Kingston* – Ogden, Weber County
Fort Malad* – Washakie, Box Elder County
Fort Manti* aka Little Stone Fort – Manti, Sanpete County
Fort Meeks* – Old Paria, Kane County
Fort Moab* – Moab, Grand County
Fort Montezuma* – Montezuma Creek, San Juan County
Fort Moqui* – Hite, Garfield County
Fort Nephi* – Nephi, Juab County
Fort Pearce* aka Fort Pierce – St George, Washington County
Fort Robidoux* aka Fort Kit Carson – Ouray, Uintah County
Fort Santa Clara* aka Fort Santa Clara – Santa Clara, Washington County
Fort Uintah* aka Fort Robidoux 2 aka Fort Wintey – Whiterocks, Uintah County
Fort Union* – Union, Salt Lake County
Fort Utah* aka Fort Provo aka Fort Sowiette – Provo, Utah County
Fort Wordsworth* – Alpine, Utah County
Fort Wahweep* aka Fort Wah-Wiep – Big Water, Kane County
Fort Walker* aka Fort Hamilton aka Fort Sidon – Cedar City, Iron County
Fortuna – Beaver County
Frisco – Beaver County
Fruita* – Wayne County
Gardnersville – Utah County (near Lower Goshen)
Garfield – Salt Lake County
Georgetown – Kane County
Giles – Wayne County
Gisborn – Tooele County
Glenbrook – Box Elder County
Gold City – Salt Lake County
Gold Hill – Tooele County
Gold Springs (Jennie Mine) – Iron County
Gold Strike – (aka Goldstrike) – Washington County
Golden* – Box Elder County (Home of Century and Vipont Mines)
Goshute (Oro Del Rey) – Tooele County
Grafton – Washington County
Grampion – Beaver County
Grass Creek* – Summit County
Grassy – Emery County
Greendale – Dagget County
Green River Missile Base – Emery County
Grouse Creek Fort* – Grouse Creek, Box Elder County
Hale – Carbon County
Half Way Pony Express Station
Hamblin (aka Fort Hamblin) – Washington County
Hamilton Fort – Iron County
Hanksville – Wayne County
Harker* (aka Harker Canyon) – Tooele County
Harper (aka Brock) – Carbon County
Harrisburg* – Washington County
Hatton (aka Petersburg) – Millard County
Hayden – Uintah County
Head of Echo Canon Pony Express Station
Hebron* – Washington County
Heiner – Carbon County
Heist – Iron County
Hiawatha – Carbon County
Highland Boy – Salt Lake County
Hillsdale – Garfield County
Hite* – Garfield County
Hogum (Little Cottonwood Canyon, see Mike Moree)
Holt – (aka Holts Ranch) Iron County
Homansville (aka Lawrence) – Utah County
Home of Truth* – San Juan County
Ibapah (Deep Creek PO) – Tooele
Ibex – Juab County
Ibex – Millard County
Ignatio (aka White River Station) – Uintah County
Independence – Uintah County
Indian Springs – Tooele County
Ingersol – (aka Ingersoll) Millard County
Iosepa – Tooele County
Ironton – Juab County
Irontown (aka Iron Town, Iron City) – Iron County
Jacob City – (aka Jacob’s City) – Tooele County
Jackson – Box Elder County
Johnson – Kane County
Johnson’s Fort* aka Johnson Springs – Enoch, Iron County
Joy (aka Drum Post Office) – Juab County
Juab (aka Chicken Creek) – Juab County
Kamas Fort* – Kamas, Summit County
Kaysville Fort* – Kaysville, Davis County
Kelton – Box Elder County
Kenilworth* – Carbon County
Kimberly (see Lower Kimberly) – Piute County
Kiz* – Carbon County
Kosmo (aka Cosmo) – Box Elder County
Knightsville – Juab County
Knowltonsburg (aka Knowltonburg) – Box Elder County
La Cigale (aka Cigale) – Tooele County
La Plata – Cache County
La Sal (Old La Sal) – San Juan County
Lakeview – Box Elder County
Lark – Salt Lake County
Latuda* – Carbon County
Lawrence – Emery County
Lee – Morgan County
Lewisville – Beaver County
Lincoln – Beaver Counth
Lincoln* (aka Pine Canyon) – Tooele County
Linwood – Dagget County
Little Dell (Stage Station) –
Little Pinto
Little Sevier – Piute County
Little Valley – Box Elder County
Lockerby – San Juan County
Lofgreen – Tooele County
Logan Fort* – Logan, Cache County
Losee (aka Loseeville) – Garfield County
Lou Mine –
Lower Goshen – Utah County
Lower Kimberly – Piute County
Lucerne – Millard County
Lucin – Box Elder County
Lund – Iron County
Mahonri – Garfield County
Mammoth (aka Robinson) – Juab County
Manasseh – Sanpete County (listed as “unresearched” in Carr’s guide)
Manning – Utah County
Martinsville – (aka Rush Lake, Slagtown) – Tooele County
Mcduff – Unknown (listed as “unresearched” in Carr’s guide)
McCornick (aka Pahvant) – Millard County
Mechanicsville – Utah County
Mercur (aka Lewiston) – Tooele County
Mesa (aka Wilson’s Mesa) – Grand County
Mill City – Summit County
Mill Fork – Utah County
Milltown – Tooele County
Milton (aka Richville) – Tooele County
Miners Basin
Modena – Iron County
Modoc City – Salt Lake County (listed as “unresearched” in Carr’s guide)
Moffet – Uintah County
Mohrland* – Emery County
Monte Christo – Cache County
Montezuma Creek (aka Montezuma) – San Juan County
Moroni Fort* – Moroni, Sanpete County
Morrison – Sanpete County (listed as “unresearched” in Carr’s guide)
Mosida* – Utah County
Mound City – Cache County
Mound Fort* – Ogden, Weber County
Mount Pleasant Fort* – Mount Pleasant, Sanpete County
Mountain City – Washington County
Mountain Dell Pony Express Station (aka Dale & Ephraim Hanks Station) – Salt Lake County
Mountain Dale – (aka Mountain Dell) – Washington County
Mountain Green Post* – Mt. Green, Morgan County
Mountainville* – Sanpete County
Moyle’s Turret* – Alpine, Utah County
Mercury Springs – Beaver County
Mutual* – Carbon County
Myton – Dushesne County
National* – Carbon County
Needle Rock Pony Express Station
Newhouse (aka New House) – Beaver County
New Fort Thornburgh* – Vernal, Uintah County
North Oakley
Northrop* – (aka Northrup) Washington County
Notom – Wayne County
Nowlenville – Tooele County (listed as “unresearched” in Carr’s guide)
Ogden Station* – Ogden, Weber County
Ogden Stockade* – Ogden, Weber County
Old Camp Floyd (West Creek)
Old Fort Thornburgh* – Ouray, Uintah County
Old Irontown
Oljato – San Juan County
Ophir – Tooele County
Orrs: Along Lincoln Highway
Osiris (aka Henderson) – Garfield County
Otter – Piute County
Ouray – Uintah County
Pahreah (aka Paria) – Kane County
Panguitch Fort* – Panguitch, Garfield County
Park City – Summit County
Park Valley – Box Elder County
Peerless* – Carbon County
Pelican Point
Peterson* (aka Weber City, Littleton, Morgan)
Pine Grove – Beaver County
Pine Valley – Washington County
Pinto – Washington County
Plateau – Sevier County
Pleasant Valley – Juab
Plainfield – Grand County (now Spanish Valley)
Point Lookout Pony Express Station
Porcupine – Cache County
Price City – Washington County
Professor Valley – Grand County
Promontory – Box Elder County
Promontory Point – Box Elder County
Rainbow – Uintah County
Rains* – Carbon County
Red Rock – Cache County
Reed (aka Read) – Beaver County
Revenue Mine – Beaver County
Richardson – Grand County
Richville (aka Milton, Mill Town, Millvale, Benson Mill) – Tooele County
Riverside (aka Riverside Station) – Beaver County
Robinson – Juab County (West of Mammoth)
Rockport – Summit County
Rockwell Pony Express Station
Rockville – Washington County
Rock Fort* – Wanship, Summit County
Rolapp – Carbon County
Rosebud – Box Elder County
Rosette – Box Elder County
Round Station* – Overland Canyon, Juab County
Round Valley – Rich County
Rowley – Tooele County
Royal – (aka Bear Canyon,Cameron & Rolapp) – Carbon County
Rozel – Box Elder County
Russian Settlement – (aka Pryguny & Molokane) – Box Elder County
Sage Creek – Rich County
Sage Bottom Fort* – Peoa, Summit County
Sahara (aka Zane) – Iron County
Salduro – Tooele County
Saltair – Salt Lake County
Salt Lake City Fort* (aka North Fort aka South Fort) – Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County
Salt Lake City Post* – Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County
Salt Lake Pony Express Station
San Domingo City – Salt Lake County (listed as “unresearched” in Carr’s guide)
San Rafel (aka San Rafael) – Emery County
Sandtown – Utah County
Scandia – Box Elder County (listed as “unresearched” in Carr’s guide)
Scofield – Carbon County
Scranton – Tooele County
Sego – (aka Nelson) Grand County
Sells – Tooele County
Shambip (aka Jonson’s Settlement) – Tooele County
Shanty Town (MK Tunnels) – Emery County
Shauntie (Mining Camp) (aka Shawnee, Shaunty, Moscow & Shaunty Springs) – Beaver County
Shem – Washington County
Shenandoah City (aka Star City, North Star, North Camp) – Mining Camp – Beaver County
Shunesburg (aka Shunsburg, Shonesburg, Shuensburg and Shirensburg) – Washington County
Shirts Fort
Shivwits – Washington County
Silver City – Juab County
Silver Fork – (aka Silver Springs City) – Salt Lake County
Silver Lake City – Utah County
Silver Reef – Washington County
Simpson Springs Pony Express Station
Skutumpah – Kane County
Slagtown – Tooele County (listed as “unresearched” in Carr’s guide)
Smithfield Fort* – Smithfield, Cache County
Smyth’s – Beaver County
Sodom – Utah County
Soldiers Summit – Utah County
South Camp – Beaver County
Spencer’s Camp
Spring Canyon (aka Storrs)* – Carbon County
Spring City Fort* – Spring City, Sanpete County
Staffordsville – Tooele County
Standardville* – Carbon County
Stateline – Iron County
Stewart – Carbon County (listed as “unresearched” in Carr’s guide)
Stockmore – Duchesne County
Sulphurdale – Beaver County
Summerville* – Emery County
Summit Creek Fort* – Santaquin, Utah County
Sweat Ranch
Sweet* – Carbon County
Tannersville – Salt Lake County
Tasso Mine
Telegraph (Salt Lake County)
Temple Flat
Temple Mountain
Terrace* – Box Elder County
The Foothills – Beaver County
Thompson Springs* – Grand County
Tickville – Utah County
Tintic (aka Ely Mills, McIntyre) – Juab County
Tonaquint – Washington County
Topaz – Millard County
Topliff – Tooele County
Town of Truth – San Juan County
Traders’ Rest Pony Express Station
Troy – Beaver County
Tucker* – Utah County
Tyng – Utah County (Site of George Tyng’s mines)
Upper Kanab – Kane County
Valley City – Grand County
Verdure – San Juan County
Victor – Emery County
Vipont – Box Elder County
Wah Wah Springs – Beaver County
Wahsatch* – Summit County
Wallsburg Fort* (aka Little Warm Valley, Round Valley) – Utah County
Warm Creek – (listed as “unresearched” in Carr’s guide)
Watercresss – Box Elder County
Watson – Uintah County
Wattis – Carbon County
Weber Pony Express Station
Webster City – Pitue County
Westfork – Summit County (listed as “unresearched” in Carr’s guide)
Westwater – Grand County
West Dip* (aka West Mercur) – Tooele County
West Wendover
Wheaton Springs Pony Express Station
White Canyon
Widstoe (aka Widstoe Junction, Houston, Winder) – Garfield County
Willow Creek
Willow Fort* – Draper, Salt Lake County
Willow Springs Pony Express Station
Willow Valley* – Cache County
Wilsonville – Emery County
Winters Quarters* – Carbon County
Woodard* – Millard County
Woodrow – Millard County
Woodside – Emery County
York* – Juab County
Zion – Washington County

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Outside of Utah:

Chesterfield, Idaho

Deer Lodge, Lincoln County, Nevada
Fay, Lincoln County, Nevada
Jarbidge, Nevada
Metropolis, Nevada
Taber City, Nevada
Tungstonia, White Pine County, Nevada
Wilkins, Nevada

Fort Bridger – Uinta County, Wyoming
Miners Delight – Fremont County, Wyoming
Piedmont – Uinta County, Wyoming

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