Ghost Town: Osiris, Utah


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Site: Osiris
Alternate Names: Henderson
County, State: Garfield, Utah
Years of Occupation: 1910s to early 1930s
Status of Site: Closed, Private Property
Classification: Abandoned Town
Type: Agricultural, Ranching
Remnants: Stone wall ruins of a creamery, a derelict building on the opposite side of the road, and the prominent and impressive granary.
GPS Coordinate: 38N 01.32' 111W 57.65'
Date of Last Visit: October 5, 2019

Osiris was officially founded when W.F. Holt purchased the Henderson Ranch in 1920 and invested heavily in this remote site located within Black Canyon. The Henderson Ranch was founded in 1910, but never amounted to much more than a single public building until Holt's investment capital came pouring in. It appears from my reading that Holt may have built here as a last ditch effort to save his investments in Widtsoe which were being threatened by drought. But to no avail.

Killed off by the same climate upheaval that displaced the citizens of Widtsoe, the abandoned site of Osiris is not only easily accessed via the paved John's Valley Road, but also features the impressive granary and ruined foundations of the creamery.

Further Reading: Backcountry Adventures: Utah, Peter Massey.

Directions to Get There: Head South from Antimony on John's Valley Road (10 miles), or North at the intersection of Highway 63 (Bryce) and 12 (Escalante/Red Canyon), approx 30 miles.

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I'm surprised an official report hasn't been done on this site, as I learned about the Creamery via the "Where Am I?" thread in this forum.

Anyway, it's an awesome site to visit, and now that John's Valley Road is paved, you don't even need an Overlanding Rig to visit, although I am worried about the potential for vandalism.

Here is my short video on the history: