Trip Planning Resources (Utah):

ExpeditionUtah Forums
Utah’s foremost webs resource for route planning, trip suggestions and a database of trip reports and reference materials from books to maps, each broken down by regions throughout Utah. Fast, easy and free to join it’s literally the first and last stop you need to make for your next Utah back country trip be it in a 4×4, on a motorcycle or on foot. We also cover most of western USA in our alliance sites with more trip planning, meeting fellow travellers and the like.

Bureau of Land Management (Utah Section)
A government agency that manages large portions of the state that are not parks, forestry or privately held land.

US Forest Service (Utah Section)
A government agency that manages all US forest lands.

Trip Planning Resources (Outside of Utah):
(Covering the Colorado Region)
(Covering the Alaska, Canada, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington & Wyoming Regions)
(Covering the Arizona, California, Nevada & New Mexico Regions)

(Covering Mexico, Central and South America Regions)

Vehicle Technical Information & 4×4 Classifieds:

Rocky Mountain Extreme 4×4 Forum
(Fabulous tech and vehicle outfitting information for all makes and models. Primarily Utah based but excellent coverage of western US states.)

ExpeditionPortal Forum
(An amazing resource both for vehicle travel as well as gear information)

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