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Planning out the Pack

Planning out the Pack: Discussing preparation and packing for a week on the trail Is this your camp setup? (Photo courtesy of Dave Lilligren) “When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half

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The Mines & Camps of the Newfoundland Mountains

History: The Newfoundland Mountains stretch in a North-South direction along the southern border of Box Elder County in northwestern Utah, surrounded by the Great Salt Lake Desert on all sides where it rises from this “land of desolation”. Travel to

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Expedition Utah’s 4th Annual Freeze Your Tail Off – Concluding 2012 in the Bitter Cold

Freeze Your Tail Off by Bart Williams What do you get when you combine single digit temperatures, approximately 60 4×4’s and over 90 of your favorite traveling companions? Yes, the event that questions all prudent and sane logic, Expedition Utah’s

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Lucin, Utah

As we prep for the 2012 Freeze Your Tail Off event I decided I was going to do some reading up on Lucin and its history. I’ve visited the site a few dozen times and I’ve read about its history

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Is a Roof Top Tent (RTT) Right for Me?

(ARB Simpson III Tent – Beef Basin, 2009) I get asked this question quite often, be it from customers, fellow travelers or randoms that wander into camp and peer at these strange devices. The delivery of my answer may change

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