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Retro Ramble: Part I

Retro Ramble was born of a desire to have an event specific to the awesome vehicles of the 1980’s. Relic Run caters to those who have a fondness for 1970’s and earlier vehicles, but the 80’s and their particular strain

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A Maze, Poisoned Spring, and a Black Dragon

National Parks are generally marked by boring roads, bland views, closed roads, prepared campsites not allowing fires, signs telling you what not to do, and east coast tourists on an “adventure”. So in other words, places to be avoided at

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Expedition Utah, 2015, and you!

Expedition Utah is planning for 2015 right now in the forums! Let us hear your opinions by joining in on the conversation!

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Relic Run VI is Almost Here!

Just a couple weeks left! Gonna be a great trip to the Henry’s this year! There’s still plenty of time to register if you haven’t!

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Relic Run VI – Official Info is Live!

Relic Run VI is just around the corner! If you haven’t registered yet, head on over to and put your name down! You can find all the info you need about this years trip on our forum here in

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Relic Run VI – Save the Date!

Leave the Future Behind August 7-10 2014 Click Here for More Information

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Around Moab – Easter Weekend 2014

After an enjoyable First Weekend at the Easter Jeep Safari I was eager to get back down to the area as soon as possible. Fortunately my good friend Kurt, of Cruiser Outfitters fame, and I were already planning to head

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Expedition Utah is Stoked to Announce Retro Ramble: Part I

Expedition Utah is stoked to announce Retro Ramble: Part I The Retro Ramble is a totally radical way to get out and explore Utah’s epic backcountry with some of your most tubular friends. I know, I know; you’re like, “But

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Quick -n- Dirty

Saturday evening Micah, Kurt, Jakester and I met up at the Chevron in Lehi/Saratoga Springs/Wherever Sprawlburbia with the intention to blast out along the PET for the evening. After talking Micah out of buying some Swisher Sweets, we headed out

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Glen Canyon Off-road Vehicle Management Plan Comments Due!

U4 hosted a great letter writing party the other night for the Glen Canyon Off-road Vehicle Management Plan! For those that made it, I hope you had a great time and had plenty of pizza, please don’t forget to send

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