AFC/Land Use: Mary Ellen Gulch & Motorized Access

Members of ExpeditionUtah recently had a special opportunity to lead a group of club reps, Snowbird management and Tread Lightly employees on a run up Mary Ellen Gulch in American Fork Canyon. We had representatives from each of the 4×4 clubs with adopted trails in American Fork Canyon including B.O.A.R., Dirt Hedz, Utah Jeep Crew, Lone Peak 4-Wheelers as well as the Utah 4 Wheel Drive Association.

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The trail ride was a chance for stakeholders to get together and talk about Snowbird’s recent changes to motorized access on their private property. The new closures eliminate routes that traveled over mine tailings piles in an effort to protect water quality in the stream and river below. Foot traffic is still welcome in these areas and motorized travel across their private property on designated routes is also still allowed.

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ExpeditonUtah will continue to monitor and engage in the route access situation in Mary Ellen Gulch and the entire north fork drainage of American Fork Canyon in an effort to preserve access and promote responsible recreation.

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