Site: Revenue Mine


Critter Whisperer
Site: Revenue mine, Tasso mine, Lou mine
Alternate Names: Pine Grove camp
County, State: Beaver county, Utah
Years of Occupation: ~1910?
Status of Site: Open
Classification: 2.5
Type: Mining
Remnants: Large buildings still standing, extensive mine works, relics.
GPS Coordinate: 38.340453 113.619849
Date of Last Visit: April, 2015




On my most recent visit, in April '15, I was very disappointed to see that the largest of the old buildings pictured above, has been burned to the groun.


I was unable to find much info on this site and know very little about it. The excerpts below indicate the mines here were being worked aggressively more than one hundred years ago. But I don’t know for how long.

The site is a gem though, with little of the usual vandalism and bullet hole swiss cheesing you so often see at similar sites everywhere. The buildings are largely intact and neat to see. The setting is nearly idyllic in summer, a cool, well watered and green bottomed canyon area to escape from the hot desert below.

There are three main mines in the immediate vicinity, the Consolidated, the Tasso and the Lou. Plus several others I know not the names of. My online research indicates the perhaps the Tasso and Revenue were both owned by the same operators, so it might be feasible to speculate the main buildings pictured here housed and fed men working both mines?

Excerpt from The Salt Lake Mining Review, from September 30, 1913.
“Vice-president A. K. Tiernan expects to be shipping ore soon from the Revenue Consolidated property west of Newhouse, Utah. The new tunnel on the Utah claim struck a abody of ore at 125 feet, which is in places thelve to fifteen feet wide. Silvver and lead are the principle values”.
And an excerpt from The Mining Investor, from August 25, 1913.
“A 12-foot vein has been cut at a a distance of 120 feet from the new tunnel on the Utah claim of the Revenue Consolidated company near Newhouse.”

To get there: From Milford, head west about 38 miles, to the east side of Wah Wah Summit. Take Pine Valley road first southwest and then south about 12.5 miles, take left turn (head back east) to Pine Grove canyon, arrive at main site in about 6 miles. Alternately, you can come up from Wah Wah valley on a somewhat less used and more scenic road over the summit and descend into Pine Grove canyon. This route allows for perhaps visiting one of the charcoal kiln sites on the east side of the range before continuing on to the Revenue site.
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Kevin B.

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Dave, do you know which mine was which? Just up the canyon, I see more stuff on satellite, check out 38.33987 -113.6099 and 38.33840 -113.5997.
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To answer my own question, topo maps have them from west to east as the Revenue, the Tasso, and the Lou.