Overland Skills Camp 2019: September 27th-29th


Shout out to OSC2019 sponsor Maverik! Maverik is truly adventure's first stop and we're pleased to have them back for a second year supporting the event. Registration is almost full, register now: http://ow.ly/zZue50vLT8k



Meet OSC2019 Instructor Dan Cressall!

As long as I can remember, there have been two thoughts that have pulled me into adventure and exploration like a guiding light drawing me forward. Initially this lead me into rock crawling and dipping my toes into the competition world with a rock buggy on 42's that I built in my back yard. A few years later, after my one and only trip to the sand dunes and the death of my daughter the buggy was sold and the exploration light inside me was drained like a bad optima battery trying to winch a 4-Runner out of the mud.

Fortunately, this life has a way of recharging some parts deep inside you, and my desire for exploration, and a newfound love of solitude and stillness that is only found deep in the desert, or tucked away in a hammock hanging between two aspen trees. No longer did the huge obstacles and challenges of rock crawling call to me, I only wanted the stillness, friends, and family that is found in camp chairs around a campfire, or coffee press on a tailgate.

With no rock buggy, I turned to the only 4wd I had left. The 2008 Dodge Ram that I bought to tow the buggy around to the hardest trails would now tow my butt to some of the most beautiful places in the western United States. The "Dodge" has had quite the transformation from the simple tow rig it started out to be. I traded some work for my first roof top tent, and built a simple frame for it to sit on with a small water tank. Now, I'm on to my 4th roof top tent, and about the 90th evolution of the tent rack and all the accessories that are associated with it. My philosophy for the truck has always been based around life and camp, and how to make it as pleasant experience as possible, while still maintaining the ability to get as deep in the desert or woods that the full size platform would allow. It's not particularly flashy, and it doesn't attract many Instagram followers, but when you start to look close it holds a lot of little Easter eggs.

There's only one more registration spot open! Don't wait! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/overla...expedition-utah-tickets-68571861283?ref=elink



We're grateful to have another local company on our sponsor list. Lux-Pro makes some of the sickest flashlights around and they've stepped up again this year with sponsorship and custom engraved flashlights for every participant! Registration is full, get ready for 2020!



OSC Alumni
Have the Registration information and times of where to be and when been sent out already and i'm missing something? or is that still in process?