How can you contribute to ExpeditionUtah?


Often the staff and moderators get asked "What can I do to contribute to ExpeditionUtah beyond being a Supporting Member?". Often they mention the fact they haven't been out on a trip recently or the trip they did head out on was already documented here on ExpeditionUtah. Well, we put together a FAQ that we hope will answer your question.

How can you contribute to ExpeditionUtah?

While posting up your trip report is the first thing that many think of, there are many other ways you can contribute. Here are a few to help get your creative juices flowing.

  • Planning an upcoming trip or researching some trail options for a future trip? Start a thread on the forum, share your planning and let ExpeditionUtah forum members help fill in the blanks for you. Example: Research: Pony Express Trail

  • Know a little bit about a special feature in Utah or want to learn more about one? Choose a ghost town to highlight or a National Park you've visited in the past or plan to visit in the future. Submit a research article in the appropriate section. Example: Visiting the Sun Tunnels

  • Know a trail pretty intimately or been researching a neat route? Help us with a Feature Trail for our landing page. Example: Beef Basin

  • Have a neat idea for additional landing page content? We would love to hear about your idea. We are open to a variety of content from research articles to gear reviews. We simply need relevant content to help build the community of information. Example: Mother Nature V. Bone Stock
While we would love everyone to be a supporting member (monetary) and a contributing member (content), we would much rather have your content and we will find a way to keep the lights on around here. We have and will continue to find ways to reward contributing member via exclusive runs, contests, etc. If you have any questions, comments or have an idea for content on ExpeditionUtah. Please reply or contact a moderator or staff member.

What does it mean to be a Contributing Member? The forum software is set to automatically "promote" active members to Contributing Member status when they meet a certain threshold of activity. That activity is based on number of posts, threads started, duration of membership, log-in activity i.e. how often you log-in, etc. Additionally we grant Contribution Member status to those members who go out of their way to contribute in the forum of trip reports, research articles or any of the other contribution methods listed above.

Perks of Contributing Member Status:
Access to contributing member section & associated activities
Custom user title - "Contributing Member"


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