Ghost Town: Topliff, Tooele County, Utah.


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Site: Topliff
Alternate Names: N/A
County, State: Tooele, Utah
Years of Occupation: ?
Status of Site: Open
Classification: Class 2 - Neglected Town
Type: Mining
Remnants: A few foundations and the quarry operation
GPS Coordinate: 40.156° N 112.213° W
Date of Last Visit:

The mining operations in the Salt Lake Valley needed limestone for their smelters. The best limestone in the area was found to be in the southeastern corner of Tooele County. A quarry was started and soon a small town sprang up right near the site. The U.S. Smelting Company had a quarry at Topliff as did the American Smelting Company. The Lehi Sugar Company also had a quarry in the area as they used lime in the sugar refining process.

The town had several homes, and offices for the respective companies. A railroad spur was built to the quarries and it also brought its own building with it. Once the mining activity started to wane, the quarry’s ceased to be useful and the town slowly died. The homes in Topliff were moved to Fairfield, and the rails were removed back to Fairfield as well. Currently not much remain of Topliff, just a few foundations, and the quarry itself. To reach Topliff, turn south onto the railroad bed from SR73. Travel approximately 5.5 miles down the railroad bed. Topliff and the Quarry are on your left to the east.

Topliff, date unknown

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Bob Grant

Topliff as it stands today.

Topliff as it stands today


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Bob Grant

Topliff as it stands today

Topliff as it stands today


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Bob Grant

Topliff as it is today

Topliff as it is today


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Home of the abandoned mining silo, the abandoned railroad grade, the livestock tank and some ruble. Went out there a couple weeks ago. No foundations that I could see, not much standing higher than a blade of grass. Also, some roads to nowhere. The quarry was nice. After poking around, headed down south into the Tintic Mountains and found a beautiful forested mountain dell called "Broad Valley."


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went out today. Only one structure has any kind of remains that look anything like a building. All the others aren’t much more than a pile of rocks.

From here, everything closer to the quarry is fenced off. Access to the covered door into the mountain side is blocked and a large boulder placed in the road at the only access point in the fence.

Some of the trails coming in off the rail road grade have no trespassing signs on them. No idea how legitimate they are. We found our way on trails that didn’t have any trespassing signs.


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