Ghost Town: Taber City


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Site: Tabor City
Alternate Names: Afton
County, State: Elko County, Nevada
Years of Occupation: 1910-1933, minor occupation now.
Status of Site: Open
Classification: Class 1 - Barren Town
Type: Railroad/Industrial
Remnants: One sentence description of site contents.
GPS Coordinate: ???
Date of Last Visit: 8/31/2013

Very little information exists on the web regarding what is known as Tabor City. I came to know it as a ghost town due to conversations with relatives on my wife's side of the family. We travel to their homestead north of Wells, NV each year for a family reunion. It was there a family member mentioned the old ghost town that was just a few miles to the north at the intersection of the county dirt road, Pole Creek and Tabor Creek, two small rivers flowing out of the nearby mountains and eventually into the Mary River. My curiosity was piqued and I started researching the town site. As I mentioned, very little written history exists, the best being the book "Old Heart of Nevada: Ghost Towns and Mining Camps of Elko County" by Shawn Hall. I was elated to find that Shawn spent a considerable amount of time compiling information on the small town. I've found a handful of old homestead properties in the area but I have not been able to nail down a the 'town center' in which the post office and school would have been. I need to spend a bit more time with a map next time I'm out that way to find the foundations mentioned in Hall's book.

Further Reading:
Old Heart of Nevada: Ghost Towns and Mining Camps of Elko County by Shawn Hall,_Nevada

Directions: Will post when I find it :D


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Tabor City aka Taber City aka Afton shown on map from “Old Heart of Nevada” by Shawn Hall


Courtesy of “Old Heart of Nevada” by Shawn Hall

My in-laws are the Engh family that still have family reunions at the families homestead just a few miles south of the cities vicinity.


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I got a little closer to identifying the site of this once town after hearing a bit more about the families history while attending an Engh Family Reunion in the area over Labor Day weekend. One of the family members told me about an early family member that worked up in Tabor City at the “Grock Ranch”. I was able to track down a GPS coordinate for the old ranch online:,ftc,2,fid,848410,n,grock ranch.cfm

41.3926944, -115.1292202 but actually a but SW of there near the confluence of the Pole and Tabor Creeks are what appear to be some old yards? Could be corrals but the shape and layout are odd?