Ghost Town: Salduro, Tooele County, Utah


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Site: Salduro
Alternate Names: Sample or N/A
County, State: Tooele County, Utah
Years of Occupation: 1930's - 1944
Status of Site: Open
Classification: Class 1 - Barren Town
Type: Railroad
Remnants: No known trace
GPS Coordinate: 40° 44' 4" N 113° 51' 23" W
NRHP Reference#: N/A
Date of Last Visit: N/A

Salduro was a railway station very near the salt flats. In latin, Salduro means "hard salt". The town was built to support the potash industry, and grew to roughly 200 residents. When producing potash was no longer profitable, the plant was dismantled and all the residents moved away. Salduro remained a ghost, until a fire wiped out what was left in 1944. The actual town site is just south of the rest stop on I-80. It is 86 miles west of Tooele, or 10 miles east of Wendover. There is nothing there anymore.

Further Reading:
History of Tooele County: Daughters of Utah pioneers, 1961 pg. 394
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