Ghost Town: Homansville, Utah


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Site: Homansville, Utah
County, State: Utah, Utah
Years of Occupation: 1872-1900's
Status of Site: Open
Classification: Class 1 - Barren Town
Type: Mining (Water Source)
Remnants: None
GPS Coordinates: 39.973079 -112.090410
NRHP Reference #: N/A
Date of Last Visit: 11/24/2017

Homansville was born when nearby mine owners built pump houses and facilities there to bring water to their operations in the surrounding hills. A small settlement developed around the pumping operations. Several smelting operations were setup in the following years on the site as well. The site had been used by cattle drivers and other travelers and continued to be a way station for many years. There was a general store, saloons, post office and a small city park along with the pump houses and numerous home sites. Once the railroad was built from Eureka to Springville in 1892, the town began to die off as most ore was then shipped to Salt Lake City for processing. A lime quarry was built nearby in the early twentieth century and some foundations from the hydrating plant can be found nearby. A well at the site is still functional but there are no other traces of the town remaining. After scouring the area for over an hour, we speculated that the townsite had been reclaimed, perhaps at the same time the nearby Eureka mines were reclaimed.

Further Reading:
The Historical Guide to Utah Ghost Towns by Dr Stephen Carr

Directions to Get There:
The town site was centered around a dirt road turn-off from Hwy 6-50, 1.5 miles east of the Eureka city limit and 1.7 miles west of the Dividend road turn off.

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Thanks for posting! So many sites to see in that area! Thousands pass by there on HWY 6 and never know anything was ever there...