Ghost Town: Colton, Utah County, Utah


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Site: Colton
Alternate Names: Pleasant Valley Junction (1880's - 1890's), New Colton & Old Colton
County, State: Utah County, Utah
Years of Occupation: 1883 - 1950's
Status of Site: Mix of private and public
Classification: Class 3 - Abandoned Town
Type: Railroad
Remnants: Original standing general store & many foundations
GPS Coordinate:
Historic Site: 39.848° N 111.011° W
Current Site site: 39.849° N 111.008° W
NRHP Reference#: N/A
Date of Last Visit: 2/8/2015


Pleasant Valley Junction began in the late 1880's when the Rio Grand Rail Road extended the main line from Tucker over the summit into Carbon County. A round house was built and a branch line was extended to the Pleasant Valley Coal Camps. All the coal shipped from Pleasant Valley used this new route. The area was re-name Colton in the late 1890's and was important as a railhead for livestock shipment, general freight and a thriving ice industry. Another part of Colton's economy was the mining & milling of Ozokerite, a mineral wax found only here and in Austria...
(Source: Matt Warner Chapter, E Clampus Vitus)




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Directions to Get There:
Colton is located along US-6 in Utah County (see GPS coordinate)

"The store... was moved from the original townsite... which was 1/2 mile south... in 1936" (Source: Matt Warner Chapter, E Clampus Vitus) Picture courtesy of BYU Collection.

Current store location at the modern (north) site, note the identical central building as the above picture.

Building ruins at original (south) site

Broken glass, ceramics and pottery cover the ground of the original (south) town site.


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It has had "closed for remodeling" on the windows for a few years. I have been inside, ~10? years ago to purchase a Coke.