Ghost Town: Babylon (Stormont Mill)


Site: Stormont Mill
Alternate Names: Babylon
County, State: Washington, Utah
Years of Occupation: 1877-1887 (though work continued 1890's)
Status of Site: Open
Classification: Class 2 - Neglected Town
Type: Industrial (in support of mining)
Remnants: partial remains of stone office, and at least one cabin/residence
GPS Coordinate: 37° 11' 33" North Latitude, 113° 21' 9" West Longitude
NRHP Reference#: ?
Date of Last Visit: March 1, 2014

Site history:
Established in 1877 Babylon consisted of a group of mill workers for the Stormont Mill and their families comprising around 40 to 50 people. The name was derived from setting them apart from the neighboring Mormon communities via a biblical reference. There were no businesses, nearby Leeds and Silver Reef supplied services and resources. The water powered mill supported the silver mining industry. Little else was published or is known.
In the 1980's one John Vought, a U.S. State Dept. official, purchased the property and intended to build a retirement home. While under construction the project burned down and was abandoned.

Site status and condition:
The site is open and located at the edge of the Red Cliffs Desert Preserve along side the Virgin River. The majority of structures were wooden and nothing remains of them. A few walls of the stone office building are standing and exhibit a thick covering of plaster or stucco in places which many have endeavored to carve their names in over the years. One cabin is visible near the road.

The foundation of John Vought's abandoned home "Babylon House" remains and is in close proximity to the walls of the office building.

Reference the links below to see photos of the Mill in it's day, the cabin near the road, and of the Babylon House plans.

Further Reading:
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to Get There:
From old Highway 91 just north of Leeds (900 North) turn right and take the Babylon Road south through the preserve, about 7 miles to the Virgin River. High clearance vehicle recommended.

Office Building photos.



Babylon House photos.

the garage


behind the main entrance



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