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Purpose: To accurately and definitively document the historical, geological and social aspects of Utah's expansive outdoors. This project isn't about one voyage or even a series of excursions rather the collective experiences of countless explorers that collect here to share their part of the story. Additionally we are here to provide a “one-stop” website for any/all vehicle based overland and expedition type trekking in the state of Utah. However, the goal isn't to be limited to vehicle based recreation, rather it will be the focus.

Regional Planning: The site is broken down into five regions, each covering a different portion of the state. Each region includes subcategories, links to town websites, ghost towns, mine sites, historical features off all types, route information, past trip reports, and maps. This allows you to search not just by the type of activity your aiming for but also narrow it down to the region you care to experience.

Members: Ideally, ExpeditionUtah.com members will contribute their own trip reports, maps, research, etc to the database. These will in turn help others plan and research their own trips. We are not here to plan trips for others, rather give them some tools to do so themselves. It is expected that all members of the community do their share to contribute to the project, this through trip reports, research, etc.

Info Sharing: ExpeditionUtah.com isn't a place to "give away secrets" rather to help others develop their own. For that reason the entire site isn't viewable to non-members and some content is restricted to supporting and contributing members. Please consider starting a thread rather than private messaging for trip information, not only will you get a wider variety of responses but others will be able to learn from both your question and the subsequent answers as well. Please review our posting, cross-posting and copyright information located on the Forum Rules & Policies page.

Disclaimer: ExpeditionUtah.com is a communication tool. It is the users responsibility to check and cross-check all routes, camping areas, etc with area specific land managers to verify current legality. It is the users responsibility to obtain any needed permits and insurance prior to planning or advertising a trip here on ExpeditionUtah. ExpeditionUtah its owners nor staff take no responsibility for the trips planned on this site.

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