Ghost Town: Diamond, Utah


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Site: Diamond, Utah
County, State: Juab, Utah
Years of Occupation: 1870-1923
Status of Site: Open
Classification: Class 1 - Barren Town
Type: Mining
Remnants: Mine workings, cemetery
GPS Coordinates: 39.881098 -112.108323
NRHP Reference #: 79003481
Date of Last Visit: 11/26/2016

The town of Diamond got its name when miners thought they discovered a large vein of diamonds in the hills nearby. It turned out to be quartz, but the name stuck.

By 1875, the town had 900 residents, five saloons, four stores, three hotels, a post office, school and a weekly newspaper. At this time, the mine hit the 300 foot level and was flooded with water. The pumping was too expensive and the mining town began to dry up. Within a few years, the town was mostly abandoned with a few hardcore residents staying until the down finally closed in 1923 when the last buildings were moved down to Eureka.

Some mine workings still exist on the hillside nearby, but all that is left of the town is the cemetery.

Further Reading:
The Historical Guide to Utah Ghost Towns by Dr Stephen Carr

Directions to Get There:
Two miles south on Hwy 6/50 from the junction with state highway 36, take the dirt road to the east 1.9 miles to the cemetery. The town was between the cemetery and the mines on the hillside.

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