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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

COVID-19 & Overland Skills Camp:

The safety and well-being of our event attendees, staff, and partners is a top priority for Expedition Utah. We are actively monitoring the COVID-19 Coronavirus situation closely and will react appropriately to the changing landscape moving forward. At this time, Expedition Utah is following the Centers for Disease Control, the state of Utah Coronavirus task force information, and South Eastern Utah Health Department’s recommendations.

Unless otherwise advised, all Expedition Utah events are taking place as scheduled. We will continue to provide updates as we have more information. If you have any additional questions not listed below, feel free to post up on the forum or contact a staff member.

What is the current situation with COVID-19 Coronavirus?
The situation with the current outbreak is being updated on a daily basis. We recommend visiting the South Eastern Utah Health Department’s website for the most up-to-date information.

Where can I find out more about the facts and spread of COVID-19 Coronavirus?
We recommend visiting the Center for Disease Control’s website for regular updates, news, travel advice, and information on how to protect yourself.

Are any Expedition Utah events cancelled due to Covid-19 Coronavirus?
There have been a few Expedition Utah events that have been postponed in areas due to rising cases in COVID-19 cases. We are hopeful, that the spread of Coronavirus is easing in the state of Utah and that we will be able to successfully hold this event. If there are further changes, we’ll be sure to update this post and contact event registrants.

Who can attend an Expedition Utah event?
We welcome all registered attendees to join our event, as long as they are in good health and willing it adhere to the COVID-19 guidelines.

If you are feeling unwell or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 within the 14 days preceding the event, please do not attend the Overland Skills Camp event for your own health and the health of other attendees.

Is there a chance an Expedition Utah event will be cancelled because of COVID-19 Coronavirus?
Our first priority is the safety and well-being of our event attendees, staff, and. We are actively monitoring the COVID-19 Coronavirus situation closely and will react appropriately to the changing landscape moving forward. Currently, the location of the event is under the “Yellow” state color guideline which allows public events with attendees up to 50 individuals.

What is Expedition Utah doing to prevent the spread of this and other flu viruses?
Expedition Utah is following the guidelines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and local health department. We are actively working to ensure extra measures are being taken to clean and disinfect common surfaces and offer hand washing and sanitizing stations in high-traffic areas in addition to physical distance and inside facility mask requirements.

Is registration required?
Yes, this is a private event and does require registration by all participants. Registration is per person, all attendees must be registered.

What is included with my registration?
Classroom and hands-on instruction on subjects such as vehicle recovery, navigation, communications, vehicle outfitting and more. Five meals (Friday Dinner thru Sunday Breakfast). Event stickers, patch and shirt. Onsite camping Friday and Saturday nights. Incoming and outgoing trail rides.

What if I have been to Overland Skills Camp in the past, can I register again?
Preferably no. While we plan to have advanced level classes for OSC alumni in the the future, that was not possible to incorporate to OSC 2020 due to our Health Department mandated group size. We ask that previous attendees refrain from registering as our content will be very similar to previous years. We encourage you to join us in 2021 where we plan to have classes aimed at OSC alumni.

Will there be room for a friend to join along?
Absolutely, however all attendees must register. This includes friends and family riding along in your vehicle. Due to Health Department guidelines, our event size is considerably smaller than previous years and we’ve had to change the registration process. Every attendee must be registered!

Will we be camping more than one night? What kind of camping will be available at the event?
Yes, we will be camping both Friday and Saturday nights at the same location in Carbon County. Camping is in a partially improved area with pit toilets. There is plenty of room for flat tent sites for all paid participants.

What If I need to show-up late or leave early, can I join the event in-process?
We require attendees attend the entire event (all day Friday thru mid-day Sunday) to get the best possible experience at the event. The limited number of participant spaces should be available to those who can experience the entire event duration. We will not be setup to check-in latecomers. If you have an issue that is unavoidable and requires to arrive late or leave early, please email expeditionutah.com@gmail.com prior to registering to discuss options.

Will there be room at the camping area to bring a small travel or off-road trailer?
No, there is no room for trailers in the event camping area. Please plan to sleep in or on your vehicle or bring a tent.

Is this event “kid friendly”?
Unfortunately not for 2020. While past OSC event have been tailored to families, current Health Department guidelines mandate our event size be considerably smaller than previous years. As such, registration is open only to registered participants 18 & older. We will be back with a family friendly OSC for 2021 if Health Department regulations allow.

Can I bring my dog?
Yes, dogs are allowed in camp. We ask that they be friendly and safe around other dogs in camp. We also ask that you be respectful of others and make sure to clean up after your pet and respect quiet times. Dogs cannot be left unattended at camp during the day. Dogs must be leashed at all times in and around the camp area, classes and training. Remember this is the desert bring plenty of water for yourself and your pets.

What do I need to bring?
A mask to be worn when social distancing isn’t possible. Thermometer to be able to monitor your own temperature. Water, soap and hand sanitizier to facilitate regular hand washing at your camp site. Hand wash stations and hand sanitizer will be provided at the group areas. Your own food for the trail rides, drinks other than water for the duration of the event, cooking supplies, fuel, spare parts, tools and camping gear. Meals will be provided on site from Friday dinner through Sunday breakfast. Bring a camp chair to sit around the campfire. Please bring one bundle of firewood for the group camp fire. Bring heavy gloves and closed-toed shoes for our service project on Sunday morning. And bring your favorite phone, tablet or device loaded with Gaia (free version ok) for the Nav/Trip-Planning class.

Will there be a raffle?
Yes! We have amazing sponsors that have donated products to help fund this event. So remember to bring extra cash to purchase more tickets and increase you chances to win big!

Will there be merchandise to purchase at the event?
Yes! We will have Expedition Utah merch and other gear available for purchase.

What should I leave at home?
There will be no fireworks, target shooting, inappropriate music or anything illegal allowed in camp or on the trail. Alcohol consumption will absolutely not be tolerated on the trail, please save it for camp after classes have concluded.

Are refunds available due to weather?
This event will happen regardless of weather. We do reserve the right to modify the schedule or cancel portions of the event due to weather. However, there will be no refunds given due to inclement weather.

Will I have to sign a waiver?
Yes, all participants will have to sign our Release of Liability upon registration check-in.

What type of weather should I expect?
Expect temperatures in the 70’s during the day and 40’s at night. Be prepared for inclement weather, just in case.

How much driving (fuel) should I be prepared for?
The inbound trail ride will be approximately 75 miles from Wellington to the event site. The outbound trail ride on Sunday will be approximately 65 miles with options for participants to depart towards home as necessary.

What if I need to cancel or make changes to my registration?
Please let us know as soon as possible (email: expeditionutah.com@gmail.com). Registration will be completely full and we would like to allow participants on the waiting list to join the event. Event registrations are considered a non-refundable donation

Where is the closest fuel or grocery store in relation to the event site?
There is a gas station and small grocery store less than 15 minutes from the event site.

What about CB channel or HAM frequency?
The HAM frequency for this event is 146.460 simplex on 2-meter. We discourage the use of CB radios, but will be monitoring channel 4.

To Register, click on the link below:
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